Eva Rose, Ph.D.

I am currently teaching as an adjunct professor at New York University (Compiler Construction).

My research interests include: Program analysis, security and privacy guarantees, mobile systems.


Journal Publications

  1. Eva Rose: Lightweight Bytecode Verification. Journal of Automated Reasoning 31(3-4): 303-334 (2003). The basic idea of this paper is included in J2ME and the JSR 202 proposal.
  2. Eva Rose, Kristoffer H. Rose: Java Access Protection through Typing. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 13(13): 1125-1132 (2001).
  3. Eva Rose: Linear-time Hierarchies for a Functional Language Machine Model. Science of Computer Programming 32(1-3): 109-143 (1998).

Ph.D. Thesis

Vérification de Code d'Octet de la Machine Virtuelle Java. Formalisation et Implantation. Ph.D. thesis, Université Paris VII, 2002. Submitted version (in English) available as Adobe PDF and gzip'd PostScript. Defended September 27, 2002, at ENS Cachan; defense slides available as Adobe PDF (in French).